The Black Church, Búdakirkja

One of the most enjoyable place in Iceland are in 2 hours driving from Reykjavik, called Snaefellsnes, located in the southwest of Iceland.  One of many famous landmarks there is a little black church, BudarKirkja. The church is very popular portrait models in Iceland, and for weddings photos too because it is like a magnet for tourist and locals in beautiful landscape around the church. Both in pictures and live.

The history of the church in Búdir

1710 allow the Bishop of Iceland, Jón Vídalín, that church would be built in Búdum in Snaefellsnes. People didn´t find an easily right place for it. So, in the end, a senior woman said that should take three arrows and labels one man: turn so dizzy and lay faint and shoot arrows and then build a church where the marked arrow hit. She got into a large hollow lava that was filled with sand and then built the church. Búdarkikja was inaugurated 1703.

The year 1951 was the church rebuild. And again 1984-1986 but then it was moved a little, and build after the original drawings.

View from The Church in Búdir

The location of The Church in Budir is excellent having in mind beautiful region, great hiking possibilities and how close is it to the world famous glacier, Snaefellsjokull.

In Búdir where the church Búdarkirkja is a great place to visit. And very close to it are a lot of high places to see in pure splendid nature. To name few, we can mention the famous glacier, Snaefellsjokull like we have talked about before, the beach Skardsvík wich is the beautiful golden beach, The Shark Museum at Bjarnarhofn, the old and warm village Stykkisholmur just to name few.

In Budir are too one of the greatest country hotel in Iceland, Hótel Búdir. And it is very famous too for their unique restaurant. Highly recommended.

Have you come to Snaefellsnes? Is it on your bucket list to see the glacier Snaefellsjokull? Please share with us.