An impressive collection of Icelandic rocks and minerals!

When you want to get a good overview of Icelandic rocks and minerals is one place that stands out to see this. There is an amazing collection of local stones of all kinds, really well set up. And people who come there see it in first seconds how well and enormous respect for the story and the stones are shown in the collection. Here I am talking about The Petra’s Stone Collection in a little friendly place, Stodvarfirdi in the east side of Iceland. Personally one of my favorite Museum in Iceland!

The Petra´s Stone Collection

Petra was an amazing woman, big collector and nature child. She had a magnificent eye for all kind of stones and started to collect it 1946. But on same time she had the big and reasonable respect for the nature that leave the stones there which should be there.

It´s great experience, when you walk through this amazing collection, that you can see stories from Petra, about some rocks she brings to her home. I absolute loved it. You get so good to connect with the great story of the great woman, And with nature around too. You get the feeling which you will only get in a very personal museum where tremendous respect are for both the collector and the things which are in the museum. This collection, which looks like a museum, has all the time been in her family, and it´s superb feeling and warm feeling you have when you are walking around the see not only the rocks but to the exciting life Petra had.

Easy walking in The Petra’s Stone Collection

It is many incredible things in The Petra’s Stone Collection! Of course, is the rocks are the main things in the museum, but to there are so many interesting things from her life there. Before I was there for the first time, I was worried that it would be a crowd of the stones. But it´s so well organized.

There is an easy step by step walking around it. But not only with nature but the person too. And don´t forget the flower in the garden. Personally, I stop there for a very long time.

The Collection are very famous

The Petra´s Stone collection have been very popular through the years and well known between Icelanders. But foreigner loves it too. And with growing tourism, the collection have been very famous and popular between tourist too. Many hundreds of thousands of people have come there through the years. But then we are coming to specific points. It looks like a museum, but the real thing is that it was her home. Can you image how it be if you are at home but people come and walk around like it is a museum? But maybe it shows too how the unique and great person she was.

But in the end, there is no doubt that if you have a chance, you need to see it! And give you a good time there, you will enjoy it. Have you seen the similar collection? Please share with us in the comments.