3 amazing Icelandic music bands to get a magic concert!

In many years have been fascinating music bands, playing all kind of music, here in Iceland. So if you come to Iceland, it´s a good idea to see if it is an enjoyable concert you would like to see. Or come on the time when the music festivals are in Iceland. The most famous festival is the Iceland Airwaves which have always been very popular with huge selection of events. To give some fresh ideas we want to let you know about 3 very talented, and popular, bands which all play different quiet music.

Of Monster and Man is a five-member Indi Pops band. Their star rises very quickly.

Each year in Iceland is very well organized music festival, called Music tilraunir (Music Experiments). It is for new and young bands and out of it had come to a lot of magnificent bands. And Of Monster and Men are a good example of it. They won Music tilraunir 2010 and 2012 they had already their first tour in North America with sold out on all their 20 concerts! They have been on tour more or less since, and their future is bright.

Here is one of their first hit,  Little Talks.

Amabadama, formed 2013,  is a Reggae band. Through the years it hasn’t been so many reggae bands in Iceland. But Amabada is very fresh, and it´s always fun to be in concert with them. One of their singers, Salka Sól Eyfeld, is one of the most popular media people in Iceland. Amabadama has published one cd, Heyrdu mig nú which come out 2014.

Kaleo is a huge talented rock band, formed in 2012.  Kaleo first concert was at the Icelandic Airwaves festival which we mention before. Their first hit was a cover of very popular Icelandic song, Vor in Vaglaskógi. But now are all their songs in English. Their primary focus is in the USA and because of it they lived there at the moment.

One of their first popular was All the pretty girls. You can listen to it here

But here is one of their most favorite songs, Way Down We Go. The video is taken in a beautiful cave, Thríhnjúkar, which are located in a volcano! It has been designing equipment for tourists to see it and it is very popular to get there. It´s so large and you need to take lift to the bottom of the cave. It is very difficult to explain the feeling when you are there. But for sure you are in a little wonderland there with few people, a little bit like you are alone on the planet.

Are you planning to see an Icelandic band? Have you been in a concert with Icelandic band? Please share with us in the comments.