Family Outings in Iceland

Travel to Iceland and give your family an amazing experience. Iceland offers a variety of family-friendly activities that will provide lasting memories. Bring your kids, your camera, and your excitement for adventure.

The Blue Lagoon

Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon is only a short drive from Reykjavík. While the weather may be cool, the water stays perfectly warm thanks to Iceland’s natural thermal heat. The adults can enjoy a swim-up bar while the kids can enjoy smoothies and yogurt. There is also a café for families to take lunch or dinner breaks in between splashing in the warm water.

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The Great Geysir

The Great Geysir is a must-see for families. One of the most popular geysers in Iceland, it shoots boiling-hot water into the air. While it is not as active as it once was, it still wows crowds with its gushes of water and steam. Nearby is another geyser called Strokkur, which erupts every 10 minutes with hot water up to 30 meters (98 feet) high.

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Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park is the historical site of the first assembly of Iceland’s Parliament, founded in the year 930. The park itself was established in 1930 to protect its history. The parliamentary benches are still intact and the park also offers some amazing views of mountains and a nearby lake. The park gives families a great learning experience while having fun and enjoying Iceland’s natural beauty at the same time.

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Find Puffins at the Westman Islands

If you’re in Iceland during the summertime, chances are you’ll easily find a colony of Puffins, peculiar and interesting little sea birds that make Iceland their home each summer. The majority of these birds can be found on the Westman Islands, which is a fun ferry ride from Reykjavík. The kids will enjoy watching these funny-looking birds socialize with each other and take care of their young ones.

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See the Northern Lights

If you’re in Iceland during the winter months, chasing the Northern Lights is a top priority. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are extremely bright and active in Iceland due to the country’s location on the earth. Kids will be excited they get to stay up late while watching these amazing colors dance across the night sky. You can find a dark area yourself or take one of the many tours available to experience these awesome lights.

Whales of Iceland and Whale Watching

The largest whale exhibition in Europe, the Whales of Iceland, is an amazing museum for families. This is a must-see for kids because it consists of 23 life-size models of whales, a virtual reality experience, and plenty of great experiences.

Combining the museum with a day of whale watching off the coast of Reykjavík would provide the perfect day for families. There are several boat tours available that will give your family an up-close view of the many whales that enjoy the coast of Iceland. There are more than 20 different species of whales that frequent Icelandic waters!

Are you coming with you family to Iceland? What would you like to do? Please share with us in the comments.