Dettifoss is supposedly the most powerful waterfall in Europe!

When a person goes to see Dettifoss, the power from it scream to you. And it´s not strange because the waterfall is located in one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe! But nature around him is also desired, the raw and energetic experience of it.

Waterfall is part of the Vatnajökull National Park. Established in 2008, encompasses not only all of Vatnajökull glacier but also the extensive surrounding area. We will talk later about this beautiful park. Above waterfall is so very wide and beautiful waterfall, Selfoss. Selfoss are 2 kilometers from the waterfall. There is a hiking road to Selfoss from Dettifoss which is about one-hour walking fo Selfoss and back to Dettifoss. But it right to mention that both hiking road (to Selfoss and Hafragilsfoss) are not easy, red road.

With all the energy from it, the river had made a significant influence in the landscape. It will come to a lot of post about it in the future, but around it has many places which should be in to do a list of great places to see. To name few, we can name Ásbyrgi and Hljodaklettar which we will talk about later. All of this come from the volcano and the power in glacial lake outburst flood in Jokulsá á Fjöllum.

And people need to go to Dettifoss with respect, careful because all the stones are wet after the active waterfall which throws the water all over. He controls the area well because it is located in the third largest river in Iceland, Jökulsá á Fjöllum (Glacier River in the Mountains). Imagine the feeling when you walk to this 45 meters high and 100-meter waterfall. And 500 cubic meters of water per second plunges over the edge. You feel the absolute power! Here is a good video to see the power:

About 2 kilometers below the king, waterfall Hafragilsfoss are 27 meters high. When you come from Akureyri you see it first, and it’s splendid warm up when you drive to Dettifoss. Like Dettifoss is Hafragilsfoss visible from both sides of the river.

Like mention before, all these waterfalls come from the big river, Jökulsá á Fjöllum. For thousands of years, Jökulsá á Fjöllum, the second longest river in Iceland to flow from Vatnajokull and of about 200 miles to the sea in Öxarfjörður.

Have you seen Dettifoss? Are you waterfalls fans, like many of us which like the nature so much? Please share with us in the comments.