How to be part of the nature in black sand beaches?

When you drive around Snaefellsnes, located on Westside of Iceland, you just must stop where two unique and magnificent black sand beaches are, side by side. When you are there, you feel how to be part of nature! It´s Djúpalónssandur and Dritvík, both around beautiful lava surrounded it.


Djúpalónssandur is a sandy beach surrounded by beautiful lava. As the story of the stones, which come a little later in the text, show you can see that is was an important place for fishing because there was the boat located.

Down from Gatklett on Djúpalónssandur er three unique and very famous stones, called aflraunastones (stones for testing people about how strong they are). Fishing was a tough job, and men need to be very active on the boats. To find out which was strong enough people used stones. People need to lift at least Hálfdraettingur to get a place in the fishing boats. If they didn´t manage it, hey could be on the boats and need to stay at home!


On Djúpalónssandur is many strange forms of rocks. For example Draugahellir (Ghost Cave) but there was haunted. Another have the name Gatklettur but in the Gatklettur middle is a hole which is a magnificent place to take pictures through the hole.

The name of the stones is Fullsterkur (full strength) which is 155 kilos, Hálfsterkur (half strength) which is 100 kilos, hálfdraettingur (weakening) which is 54 kilos and Amlódi (useless) with its 23 kilos. But  Amlódi broke some years ago. This stones had been many times used in competition about strongest men. When you come to Djúpalonssand, it´s a good idea to test how strong you are with lifting this stones.


Dritvík is about 1 km in the west from Djúpalónssand with an easy walking road along the cliff edge and grassy headland. If you are in Djúpalónssand and sometimes have, it´s well worth to see in in it spectacular landscape. In the 18 century was there about 4-50 bots and the years before 70-80. But it´s not possible to see from that time because the fishermen lived there in tents.

When you are in Dritvik and Djúpalónssand, surrounded by lava and with the see in front of you, you free fall in nature. Realise that you are part of it. On this section of the country, Snaefellsnes, are so many excellent places to see and visit. But Dritvik and Djúpalónssandur are an important aspect of this location to see.

Have you been there? Is it on your bucket list? Please share with us. And if I can help you with information or in another way, please let me know.